Caregiver with Depression

The books in this category all reassure children that they are not the cause of their loved one’s depression, nor can they fix it. These books also reassure children that they are not alone in their experience of having a caregiver with depression, and they provide hope that treatment will lead to a better future.
Age range: Best for 1st grade through 3rd grade, but adequately applicable to kindergarteners through 4th grade.
Recommended for: Children with parents (or other caregivers) who have mood disorders will benefit from the developmentally appropriate explanations and reassurances this book provides. It’s part workbook, with opportunities for a child to draw and write about their feelings, questions, and experiences related to having a parent with depression. Great for family members, therapists, and/or school counselors to complete with a child whose parent is struggling with depression. Includes a section on hospitalization.
Age range: Preschool through 3rd grade.
Recommended for: This adorable story is great for young children to read with a parent or caregiver who is struggling with their mood. This book is reassuring for both children and their parents–it teaches children that their parent’s depression isn’t the child’s fault, that their parent still loves them, and that there’s help to be had; it reminds parents that depression isn’t their fault either and that their child will continue loving them.
Age range: Kindergarten through 3rd grade.
Recommended for: This book is well-suited for a child whose parent or loved one is experiencing a depressive episode and is beginning or going through treatment. It describes the emotions that often accompany having a parent with a mood disorder, and it provides hope that a parent’s treatment will help the color return to their world. Includes hospitalization as a component of the father’s treatment.