Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is a concept popularized by psychologist Carol Dweck, Ph.D. It has been very influential in educational systems as a means of supporting children’s attitude toward learning. Growth mindset refers to the belief that one’s skills can be developed with effort and practice, in contrast to a fixed mindset which refers to the belief that one’s skills are based on talent or innate intelligence. The more of a growth mindset a child has, the more likely they are to see mistakes and failures as stepping stones to success rather than indicators of their incompetence, and the more likely they are to keep trying and to take on challenges, rather than giving up when they aren’t immediately successful or sticking to tasks they already know how to do.

Izzy Gizmo

Written by Pip Jones
Illustrated by Sara Ogilvie
Age range: Preschool through 2nd grade.
Recommended for: This is a sweet story about a super creative girl whose inventions don’t always work as well as she had hoped. With encouragement from Grandpa, she perseveres instead of quitting, and she is ultimately successful. This book is a great read for kids who are inclined to give up when they aren’t initially successful and who could benefit from viewing failure as a stepping stone to success. This book is available in many languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese.